We talk about Germany, but not only about Germany. We organize art exhibitions but also exhibitions of photographs. We have our own ideas of leisure clubs for seniors called “Das dritte Alter” and a youth club for Russian-Germans called “Jugendblitz”. Middle aged guests sing in the folklore ensemble, play in the theatrical studio and do square dance. During lectures in the evenings we discuss books, films and historical events. Furthermore, we invite art critics, consuls and scientists. And that is not all.

Culture with a German accent

At drb culture is a broad term

that shows how cultural features can unite people. drb is a whole collection of clubs, associations and organizations. Here one has the opportunity to join theatre plays, folk dances, dance and sing together in weekly meetings.

We organize various different language and conversation courses

for different age groups and different levels. In the holidays we invite children and teenagers to take part in language camps where German can be learnt in a playful way, friends can be made and new interesting places can be discovered.

drb offers a variety of educational and cultural events

and projects, organizes trips to Europe for people of all ages. Join us, at drb there is something interesting for everyone!


Еkaterina Iudina