Historical exhibitions are our contribution to the research of a multinational Petersburg. What is famous for the manifesto of Catherine II, what Strelna family legends can be told, how many pharmacists are from Germany – and many other things you can learn in permanent and temporary expositions. All these permanent or temporary expositions are unfortunately only available either in German or the Russian language.

German St. Petersburg

250 years of German colonies in St. Petersburg

250th years of Catherine II's manifesto on the invitation of foreigners to Russia

250 Jahre Manifest von Katharina II. über die Einladung von Ausländern nach Russland

The Leningrad Germans. Before and after deportation

200 years of Strelna German colony in St. Petersburg

The Great Victory. Soviet Germans in the Second World War

Der große Sieg. Sowjetische Deutsche im Zweiten Weltkrieg

The Germans in Novgorod Province

The Adam Schmidt Chapel