drb is a piece of German culture, a learning center, a get-together, a resource center, a meeting place and a center of historical research. Moreover, it is a circle of interests, of acquaintances, of friends. This diversity blends into one whole and inspires new projects and meetings. The Russian-German meeting center is a way of life. In the morning – songs for children, in the evening – a lecture, on Monday – a historical workshop, on the weekend – a dance course. We invite everyone who likes to talk, listen, teach and learn, to join us.


The history of the foundation

The history of the foundation for the development of Russian-German relations is less dramatic than the history of the St. Peter’s church, but still fascinating. Everything started out small: a cultural center, the restored gymnasium and a small Christmas party, and today we annually organize more than 700 projects.

Goals and objectives of the foundation

The goals and objectives

of the foundation include strengthening Russian-German relations in the cultural, professional and educational field, as well as preserving the heritage of Russian-Germans and drawing interest in the German culture.

We are striving to implement the idea

of an European information and education center. The stable relations of the center are a modern base for the development of international exchange and for the organization of recreational and educational projects.

The Russian-German meeting center in St. Petersburg

is one of the 420 centers of German culture in the territory of the post-Soviet area, which organizes interregional events for German-Russians.