The drb team is a friendly and versatile team of key employees, contract employees and volunteers from different countries. Working in drb is a way of life, a circle of friends and interests. We enjoy working together and are pleased to share our ideas and thoughts with you. This is how common affairs, opportunities, new emotions and reasons for communication emerge.

Arina Nemkowa

Director of the foundation

The key to life ``Love what you do and do what you love``. I am sure that the potential on which Russian-German relations are based on can be used more effectively and that intelligence is not a relic from the past.

Anastasia Marger

Head of International Cultural Projects

I strive for self-development and new possibilities. drb profoundly helps me to stay on track. Thoughtfully, I like to give people a smile and receive one in return.

Ksenia Marger

Manager of International Cultural Projects

It`s important to me that everything I do brings joy and positivity to people. And everything should be done with a smile: this way one can reward, praise and motivate. This language is understood by everyone.

Nika Demchenko

Curator of art exhibitions

I can hardly imagine my life without art in all its manifestations. It's nice to realize that my involvement in drb is connected with creativity and interesting people.

Christina Frese

Chairperson of the youth club of Russian Germans ``Jugendblitz``

German is worth it - these words have accompanied me since the age of 14 and each time proves that this is true. All events and activities where the German language is present are special.

Irina Cherkazyanova

Curator of historical projects drb, doctor of historical sciences, board member of the International Association of Researchers of the History and Culture of Russian Germans (МАИИКРН)
The main drawback is sense of duty.